We LOVE our Fur Babies and Pets of all types! 

Do you love pets?  We love our Solo family pets and Solo client pets featuring them on this special page.  Check them out on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @thesoloins!

Employee Bang-Bang-Exploding into action

Maverick-@thesoloins Mascot-Loved it when Dad let him drive

Tig, Tig, Tig, Tigger! The first Solo Dog

Flicka-Award Winning Solo Employee, St Louis, MO

Archie and his driver, Mixed, St Charles, MO

Journey & Holly, GSD & Mini Schnauzer, Expecting treats, Chicago, IL

Bella-Former Solo employee, was wild about Solo! St Louis, MO

Supervisor-Bang-Bang, at your service. MBT, St Louis, MO

Louis-Ready to go for a ride, Pomeranian, Wichita, KS

Cora-Wants to go for a ride! Rescued, Houston, TX

Barney-The Shy One, Giant, Virginia Beach, VA

Pet of the Week: Leia, Maltese, St Louis, MO

Pet of the Week: Boss, Doberman, Little Rock, AR

Pet of the Week: Maverick, Giant Schnauzer, St. Louis, MO

Pet of the Week: Vade, Giant Schnauzer, BC, Canada

Ozzie, Cczechoslovakian Shepherd, Ferguson, MO

Pet of the Week: Kody, Toy Australian Shepherd

Pet of the Week: My Chicken Friend

Pet of the Week: Cooper, Golden Retriever, Austin, TX

Pet of the Week: Sunny, Dalmation, St Louis, MO

Pet of the Week: Flicka, Giant Schnauzer, St Louis, MO

Pet of the Week: G, Miniature Bull Terrier, Litchfield, IL

Pet of the Week: Wager, Bernese Mountain Dog

Pet of the Week: Bella, Giant Schnauzer, St Louis, MO

Pet of the Week: RonHoward, Rescued Cat

Pet of the Week: Sammy, Mini Pig

Solo Pet: Beautiful Cat, Kithren McSchnickelfritz, St Charles, MO

Solo Pet: Handsome Codee, St Louis, MO

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