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     The Louisiana Senate recently rejected a bill for statewide rules for ridesharing/transportation network companies [TNC] as Uber, Lyft and the like.           Proponents of the bill say the idea behind it is to allow these compani... READ MORE >>

 DYK:  Providing misleading information, lying on applications or failing to double check your insurance application could, in fact, hurt your ability to pursue compensation in a claim (they might not have to cover you). READ MORE >>

There are lots of articles on the best practices for buying used cars but what information do you want to know when talking with prospective dealers or owners? To help, here’s some advice: ·         Always verify what you're told. READ MORE >>

A fire can quickly destroy a home. Fires occur for many reasons. A spark in your electrical system can create a life-threatening and fast-moving fire. Your oven may catch on fire. Fires can also start in the garage where flammable liquids are common. No matter what happens, having a fire extinguisher on hand is essential. READ MORE >>

DYK:  Every vehicle has a story to tell.  Perhaps it was involved in an accident or stolen.  If you ask it, it will not tell you (and sometimes the current owner won’t either).  Want a free and easy way to check vehicle history? READ MORE >>

Many people like to give their dogs a ride in the car. Pets like it, too. However, dogs can be dangerous for many reasons. You do not want to have to file car insurance claims due to an accident related to your pet. Does that mean you cannot take your pet for a ride? You do not have to give it up. READ MORE >>

Did your Mom ever give you any sage advice?  Some of it was to store in our memory bank so we’d hear it later in life as we were attempting to make some questionable decisions.  If you need a refresher or this inspires you to think of others, here are a few you might have heard. READ MORE >>

Sometimes mistakes happen when you get behind the wheel. It is not hard to back up into a pole. It is easy to turn too soon and damage the bumper on your car on the wall to the garage. When something occurs, you might have coverage from your car insurance provider. READ MORE >>

DYK:  It hardly seems fair to those of us who keep coverage and have no incidents that our rates go up, but this is where the “pooled risk” is a factor.  Less folks in the pool mean less premium coming into the company to cover claims and expenses. READ MORE >>

DYK: From Atlanta to Portland, for those who use their cars as part of their occupation and file itemized deductions, you may be able to factor in a portion of your car insurance premium.  It could be best to take the flat per-mile reimbursement instead, but it might be worth checking on your personal situation. READ MORE >>

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