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If you're buying your first home, the world of home insurance can seem pretty difficult to navigate. Fortunately, it's not as complicated as it looks. There are really just a few things you need to know before getting started. When Do I Buy Insurance? READ MORE >>

Did you is still dear mating season.  This means more possibility of them running across roads and into your cars.  Deer mate from September to November, and the main breeding time occurs in October.   To SWERVE or NOT TO SWERVE...that is the question.  The answer... READ MORE >>

You’re driving down the road, minding your own business when you hear it, crack!  It’s the sound of a rock hitting your windshield.  At least it wasn’t a huge one but, dang, it put a chip in your perfectly intact windshield.  The first one too.  Maddening!  Now what? READ MORE >>

The chat about distracted driving, that is.  It’s up to us, the parents and other adults who care, to make sure the new, young driver understands the risk and consequences of not paying attention while operating machinery that weighs over 2,000 pounds. READ MORE >>

We all understand that if you cause an accident, you can pretty much expect and understand that your car insurance rates will increase for the next policy term.  But what if it’s not your fault?  Afterall, the other driver was 100% at-fault, accepts the blame and has car insurance! READ MORE >>

Word on the street is, the safer the car, the cheaper the car insurance.  True or false?  While it makes some sense to our brains that could be true, it’s not always the case.      We love our gadgets! READ MORE >>

People of Louisiana, you have an opportunity that most states do not have.  You get to vote for your Pelican State Insurance Commissioner.  In most states the Governor just appoints the Insurance Commissioner, but not in Louisiana and a few others. READ MORE >>

In one year, tired driving accounted for around 72,000 crashes, totaling 800 deaths and 44,000 injuries. Even if you manage not to fall asleep at the wheel, drowsiness slows down your reaction time and hinders your ability to think coherently and make smart driving decisions. Put simply, it's not worth the risk. READ MORE >>

Get caught in a lie and the other person might tell you, “you’ve got that deer in the headlight look on your face.”  The phrase is even in some songs by Sia, Owl City and Collin Raye.  But seeing a deer stare at you while you’re driving down the road is downright scary. READ MORE >>

People always say that home insurance is "better to have and not need than the other way around." The trick is figuring out when you need it. Ideally, insurance is a last line of defense. Sometimes, it even makes far more sense to cover the damages yourself without filing a claim. Here's are some things to consider: READ MORE >>

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