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So, you need an SR22/SR-22 but aren’t even sure what it is.

Learn about an SR-22 including what it is, how it affects you, and how much it costs from SR22 Insurance by SoloTM, your local and online insurance agents that can shop the best rates for you no matter your driving record.  We serve Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Georgia, Nevada, Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Louisiana, Virginia, and Oregon. See links at page bottom for your state.


Let us unravel the mystery

An SR22/SR-22 is simply a document that gets submitted to the state by your insurance company.  It tells them that you have car insurance.  It’s important if you need it because it is a tattletale notice that lets the state know you’re fulfilling your requirements for maintaining car insurance/financial responsibility…and if you don’t.  The requiring state’s Department of Motor Vehicles will tell you how long you’re required to carry it.  It can also be known as a “Certificate of Financial Responsibility,” “SR-22 Bond,” or “SR-22 Form.”


In other words:   An SR-22 is a document, on file with your state, proving you have car insurance that meets the minimum coverages required by law.  In Virginia (or Florida), you may need an FR-44, which is like an SR-22, but requires more liability coverage.


How does it affect you?

An SR-22 must be carried for a designated time period.  Your state DMV can tell you how long you need yours.  Most offenders can expect to have an SR-22 for up to three years.  During this time, you must maintain continuous liability coverage.  Any break in coverage is reported to the state and can result in the re-suspension of your Driver’s License (this is why we call it the tattletale notice).

If you would like a free quote with a SR22, contact Solo Insurance® online, request a free quote, or call 1-800-207-7656.


Other SR-22 notes

An SR-22 is not a “type” of insurance, but rather an easy-to-get filing that says you have your car insurance.  You’ll still hear many folks call it “SR22 insurance” but that is not accurate.  Some car insurance companies will not provide an SR22 filing, but most will.

Since it is not a type of insurance but states that you have insurance, it is required to be attached to your vehicle insurance.  Having multiple policies on the same vehicle causes problems and you could face insurance fraud issues and/or claims not being paid.

If you own a vehicle, it must be listed on the SR22.  If you do not own a vehicle but still need an SR22 and want to get your driving privileges back in good graces, you may qualify for a “Non-Owner” policy with an SR22. 


Who needs an SR22?

An SR-22 is required when someone who was in an accident or convicted of a traffic offense couldn’t show proof of car insurance or financial responsibility for the date of the incident. You might need an SR22 if you were/are:

  • Caught driving without car insurance
  • Convicted of a DUI or DWI, or any serious moving violation
  • Involved in an at-fault or not-at-fault accident while driving without insurance
  • Found with repeat traffic offenses or too many tickets in a short amount of time

You’ll also need an SR22 if your Driver’s License is revoked or suspended for any of the above reasons.


SR22 by State

Looking for an SR22 in your state (or perhaps you need one for a different state than you reside)?  Find out what your state requires by clicking on the links below.  For a free car insurance quote with an SR-22, request an online quote or call us at 1-800-207-7656.

Georgia SR-22 with Vehicle SR-22 Non-Owner
Illinois SR-22 with Vehicle SR-22 Non-Owner
Indiana SR-22 with Vehicle SR-22 Non-Owner
Kansas SR-22 with Vehicle SR-22 Non-Owner
Louisiana SR-22 with Vehicle SR-22 Non-Owner
Missouri SR-22 with Vehicle SR-22 Non-Owner
Nevada SR-22 with Vehicle SR-22 Non-Owner
Ohio SR-22 with Vehicle SR-22 Non-Owner
Oregon SR-22 with Vehicle SR-22 Non-Owner
Texas SR-22 with Vehicle SR-22 Non-Owner
Virginia SR-22 with Vehicle SR-22 Non-Owner

If you want a company to shop the best SR-22 insurance rates for you, contact Solo Insurance® online, request a free quote, or call 1-800-207-7656.


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