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Auto insurance companies in most states use credit scores to determine the risk and provide car insurance rates. A good score could help reduce what you pay each month. People with good credit scores could save money; plus, it’s wise for many things to work to boost your credit score. But, how to do it? READ MORE >>

Why are My Car Insurance Rates Going Up? Solo Insurance® breaks down the top reasons why your car insurance goes up even though you haven't had an accident and are a good driver. Here's a hint. It might not have anything to do with you.   Top Reasons Your Car Insurance Rates Go Up READ MORE >>

What Do You Mean My Credit Score Affects My Car Insurance Rates?         Did you know that most states allow car insurance companies to calculate credit-based auto/home insurance scores when determining your risk assessment and premium for your car insurance policy? READ MORE >>

How Insurance Companies Determine Your Rates Insurance, by its nature, is all about calculated risk assessment and pooled risk.  It’s about Insurers making educated guesses based on statistics about how likely you are to file a claim in the future and do they have enough incoming (premium) to cover the outgoing (claims and expenses). READ MORE >>

Why Do My Rates Keep Going Up? Could uninsured drivers be to blame? It hardly seems fair to those of us who keep coverage and have no incidents that our rates go up, but this is where the “pooled risk” is a factor.  Less folks in the pool mean less premium coming into the company to cover claims and expenses. READ MORE >>

Check Insurance Rates Before You Buy In some ways this is a no-brainer (think Mercedes Benz AMG SL 65 versus Chevrolet Cobalt).  If you are deciding between a couple different vehicles it may help your decision to check the insurance rates before you buy. READ MORE >>

Your car insurance company can either cancel or non-renew your auto insurance policy at any time, IF you violate one or more of its guidelines during your policy period.  Each state has its own guidelines and regulations for insurance companies to follow but there are some general principles that typically apply. READ MORE >>

Did you know that car insurance doesn’t cover personal items in your vehicle? By Solo Insurance® Personal items left in your car are unprotected by car insurance policies.  I learned the hard way when I was first driving.  Whether your car is stolen or broken into, your things like CDs, purses, laptops, tablets, phones, etc. READ MORE >>

The Dirty Little Secret About Roadside Assistance   It seems everyone wants Roadside Assistance with their insurance policies, whether liability or full coverage.  It’s a great perk and good to have…for emergencies. READ MORE >>

Police in the rear view with the lights on…does this make you nervous because you don’t have car insurance? What car insurance coverage do you need to be legal?    Do you just want to be legal when driving?  Ask for Liability or “Liability only.”   READ MORE >>

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