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What is a Grace Period? We often hear the words "grace period" in car insurance.  A “grace period” is extra time that an insurance company may offer for you to make your car insurance payment past your normal due date. READ MORE >>

Auto insurance companies in most states use credit scores to determine the risk and provide car insurance rates. A good score could help reduce what you pay each month. People with good credit scores could save money; plus, it’s wise for many things to work to boost your credit score. But, how to do it? READ MORE >>

We quite often get asked, “why are my car insurance rates going up when I haven’t had any tickets or accidents?”  It seems to be an ongoing trend over the last couple years across the U.S.  But there could be some good news, according to the Associated Press: BATON ROUGE, La. READ MORE >>

Every so often clients ask if it’s a good idea to change their car insurance company.  It’s a personal decision, and we want our clients to have options.  Having said this, there’s always an ad or agent telling you, you can switch any time and their rates will save you hundreds of dollars. READ MORE >>

Why are My Car Insurance Rates Going Up? Solo Insurance® breaks down the top reasons why your car insurance goes up even though you haven't had an accident and are a good driver. Here's a hint. It might not have anything to do with you.   Top Reasons Your Car Insurance Rates Go Up READ MORE >>

What Do You Mean My Credit Score Affects My Car Insurance Rates?         Did you know that most states allow car insurance companies to calculate credit-based auto/home insurance scores when determining your risk assessment and premium for your car insurance policy? READ MORE >>

Did You Know…You Can Look Up Vehicle Recalls by VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) at This VIN search tool includes most manufacturers and lists the: ü  Safety recalls that are incomplete on a vehicle ü  Safety recalls conducted over the past 15 calendar years READ MORE >>

Does My Car Insurance Transfer to My Rental Car? In order to know for sure, you must always check with your carrier or your agent to see if your coverage transfers to a rental car.  Some companies require that your insured vehicle is in the shop for the coverage to transfer to a rental&nb... READ MORE >>

Ride-Sharing in Louisiana The Louisiana Senate recently rejected a bill for statewide rules for ridesharing/transportation network companies [TNC] as Uber, Lyft and the like.      Proponents of the bill say the idea behind it is to allow these companies to deal with a standardized set of rules/regulations (like specific requirements for background checks). READ MORE >>

Being Dishonest to Your Insurance Company Could Cost You Providing misleading information, lying on applications or failing to double check your insurance application could, in fact, hurt your ability to pursue compensation in a claim (they might not have to cover you). READ MORE >>

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