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Why Do My Rates Keep Going Up? Could uninsured drivers be to blame? It hardly seems fair to those of us who keep coverage and have no incidents that our rates go up, but this is where the “pooled risk” is a factor.  Less folks in the pool mean less premium coming into the company to cover claims and expenses. READ MORE >>

Did You Know: From Atlanta to Portland, for those who use their cars as part of their occupation and file itemized deductions, you may be able to factor in a portion of your car insurance premium.  It could be best to take the flat per-mile reimbursement instead, but it might be worth checking on your personal situation. READ MORE >>

Every driver should operate a safe vehicle. When this does not happen, accidents are more likely. You can avoid car accidents by being proactive about protecting the car. Drivers have auto insurance to help minimize the risk of having to pay for damage to many risks. Yet, it is far easier to simply prevent them. READ MORE >>

Tips for Selling Your Car After getting your car cleaned and ready to sell (make sure to remove all personal items and insurance cards, registration, etc.), what information do you disclose when talking with prospective buyers? This conversation can make or break the sale. To help, here’s some advice: READ MORE >>

Check Insurance Rates Before You Buy In some ways this is a no-brainer (think Mercedes Benz AMG SL 65 versus Chevrolet Cobalt).  If you are deciding between a couple different vehicles it may help your decision to check the insurance rates before you buy. READ MORE >>

Comprehensive Vs. Collision These are coverages for your car (also called physical damage).  Typically, when people have these two optional coverages they refer to them as “full coverage.”  These are the coverages that would cover damage to your vehicle (minus deductible and per the policy terms). READ MORE >>

As you shop, a driver sideswipes your vehicle in the parking lot. They leave. What are your options? Private property damage is not uncommon. It can occur at your home, in a parking lot, or just about any other location. The police may be able to help. Your auto insurance agent can help you, too, depending on the type of insurance you have. READ MORE >>

Not only do you typically receive a discount for paid in full, but you’ll save on installment fees, late fees, reinstatement fees and avoid non-pay cancellation issues for the policy period.  You might not be too surprised to learn most insurance companies charge an administrative/inst... READ MORE >>

At Solo Insurance® we do primarily car insurance plus other vehicle insurance like motorcycles, ATVs, commercial vehicles.  We are a family and love our pets. Maverick, our first Giant [Giant Schnauzer, that is, and first show dog] is our mascot, may he RIP. READ MORE >>

Your car insurance company can either cancel or non-renew your auto insurance policy at any time, IF you violate one or more of its guidelines during your policy period.  Each state has its own guidelines and regulations for insurance companies to follow but there are some general principles that typically apply. READ MORE >>

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