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Auto insurance costs can be a hardship for some seniors. Those who have a fixed budget may struggle with these costs. Maintaining car insurance is still necessary if you continue to drive. It is financial protection, after all. However, there are options available to help reduce your costs. READ MORE >>

Tips for Driving in Floods   With all the flooding happening along the Texas Coastline, the Midwest, in Richmond, VA and elsewhere, it’s a good time to look at driving in these conditions.  Floods can happen most anywhere.  Sometimes the water rises gradually but often as a flash flood, striking suddenly. READ MORE >>

Tracking teen drivers is always essential. Many parents worry about handing their teen car keys. Can you trust them to make the right decisions? What will they do with this type of freedom? In some cases, you also need to protect your assets. This includes your vehicle. Some parents want to let technology help do this. READ MORE >>

Does My Car Insurance Transfer to My Rental Car? In order to know for sure, you must always check with your carrier or your agent to see if your coverage transfers to a rental car.  Some companies require that your insured vehicle is in the shop for the coverage to transfer to a rental&nb... READ MORE >>

A smart driving assistant is a type of application that can help you with your driving habits. Several companies offer these tools. The goal is to provide you with information while on the road. These are not autonomous tools. That is, they do not operate the vehicle. Rather, they provide you with ways to stay safe on the road. READ MORE >>

Importance of Paying Attention While Driving Any month (any day, for that matter) is a good time to pay attention to your distracted driving habits.  If nothing else, you have to pay attention to all the others who aren’t paying attention as they swerve down the road.  The U.S. READ MORE >>

There may not be anything worse than placing the car seat in a car. They tend to be difficult to secure. Yet, you know how important they are for your child’s safety. Many parents recognize the benefits of a rear-facing seat right away. And, most recommendations are for children to remain in this position as long as possible. READ MORE >>

Some auto insurance companies provide married people with discounts on their insurance policies. Why does this matter? It is always important to understand that car insurance companies focus on risk. When determining how much a person should pay for their coverage, they base this on how much risk is present. READ MORE >>

How Insurance Companies Determine Your Rates Insurance, by its nature, is all about calculated risk assessment and pooled risk.  It’s about Insurers making educated guesses based on statistics about how likely you are to file a claim in the future and do they have enough incoming (premium) to cover the outgoing (claims and expenses). READ MORE >>

To be a safe driver, you must ensure you're able to drive properly. Many people get behind the wheel when they are really too tired to drive. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports tired driver caused 846 fatal accidents occurred in 2014. They also note that 83,000 accidents occurred as a result of drowsy driving. READ MORE >>

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