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The quick answer is:  It depends. It depends on whether you’ve also met all the other requirements set by your state.  Letters of Compliance, Reinstatement Fees, SATOP, Court Ordered Payment or Installment Agreements, Interlock Ignition Devices, Court permissions, Child Support and/or Release Orders all could play a part in getting your driving privileges reinstated. READ MORE >>

Some people get Renter’s insurance only because it’s a requirement of their landlord/leasing company so they look for the cheapest coverage they can find to satisfy that need.  Others, who want coverage for their belongings, are more concerned about what’s really covered. READ MORE >>

It’s general knowledge for Georgia residents that the Peach State has been paying more and more each year for car insurance.  In fact, Georgia has had the not so distinct “honor” of being the #1 state in auto insurance rate increases more than once in the past decade. READ MORE >>

Accidents and misfortunes occur to most businesses at various times. When something occurs that leads to significant loss for your company, you may face hardships. Can you keep the doors open? Do you need to let go of employees? Some forms of business insurance provide protection from business income loss. READ MORE >>

“Just get a Non-Owner policy,” they tell you, “they cover anything.”  It’s just not true.  There’s much confusion and misuse of Non-Owner polices because  people don't understand them.  It would be a terrible thing is for someone to think they have coverage and they do not. READ MORE >>

Summertime is fun time!  You may be heading out in your car for a day trip to an amusement park or a long road trip across the country.  Here are a few recommendations to keep your car and your dear ones safer on the journey, be it short or long.   Just as we need refreshments to keep us refreshed, so does your vehicle. READ MORE >>

You’re proud of your good student!  Now let them help you with his/her car insurance rates.  Not all auto insurance companies offer a Good Student Discount but for the ones that do, it can help with rates for your younger drivers.  They put in the work so you might as well save the money. READ MORE >>

Where you live matters when it comes to auto insurance costs.  It’s not the only thing that matters when it comes to securing coverage, but those living in metro areas (like Chicago, Dallas or Portland) tend to pay more because risks are higher.  Why? READ MORE >>

It’s spring and we’re doing more outside, including around our homes.  But no matter the season, here’s a handy Home Security Refresher to cut theft risks at your home, whether you own or rent.   It’s always important to protect your home! READ MORE >>

HELP YOURSELF OUT ON A TRAFFIC STOP -- by Solo Insurance®   While driving no one wants to get pulled over by a police car! Sometimes we know we deserve it but other times we’re thinking, “but I wasn’t doing anything wrong! READ MORE >>

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