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Get caught in a lie and the other person might tell you, “you’ve got that deer in the headlight look on your face.”  The phrase is even in some songs by Sia, Owl City and Collin Raye.  But seeing a deer stare at you while you’re driving down the road is downright scary. READ MORE >>

People always say that home insurance is "better to have and not need than the other way around." The trick is figuring out when you need it. Ideally, insurance is a last line of defense. Sometimes, it even makes far more sense to cover the damages yourself without filing a claim. Here's are some things to consider: READ MORE >>

“Bundle!” they say, “It’ll save money.”  We do it with other services, why not car, home/renters, motorcycle, et cetera insurance?   With rates going crazy in both home insurance and auto insurance these days, some are finding it makes more sense not to bundle all their coverages together. READ MORE >>

Besides getting you legal to drive in your state, what is the point of vehicle insurance?  It might help first to understand what car insurance actually is.   Personal vehicle insurance is a contract in which you agree to pay an insurance company consideration (money) to obtain protection in the event you cause an incident to another person’s body or property. READ MORE >>

Ready to get prepared?  September is National Preparedness Month.  A part of being prepared is getting your home paperwork in order.  September 1-7, 2019 is a good time to participate in National Home Inventory Week.    If you suffered a loss tonight, would you be able to compile a list of everything involved? READ MORE >>

September is National Preparedness Month.  Are you prepared? Wildfire season proves the importance for all Oregonians to be ready for disaster. Last year wildfires in Oregon burned more than 846,000 acres causing about 4,000 Oregonians to evacuate their homes. READ MORE >>

12:01 a.m. is a confusing time stamp that is frequently used in car insurance (other types of insurance too).   On the surface it doesn’t appear difficult, but it does cause a lot of misunderstanding.  Let’s clear up the confusion about it.    12:01 a.m. READ MORE >>

Comp and collision…they go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Most people naturally understand “Collision” coverage in their car insurance as it is almost self-explanatory.  If you collide (hit, strike, crash, or bump) into something, it’s the coverage that helps cover the cost of the damage as part of a “full coverage” policy. READ MORE >>

Hear ye, hear ye:  Louisiana car insurance rates are consistently ranked as one of the highest in the USA.  That, unfortunately, is not news.  Do an internet search and you’ll quickly see Louisiana is in the top 5 of most expensive states for car insurance more often than the good people in the Pelican State want. READ MORE >>

“I know I shouldn’t but…it won’t happen to me,” many people are guilty of thinking in some aspect of our lives.  In Texas more and more people are finding out that it can, and does, “happen to them” regarding cell phones. READ MORE >>

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