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You let your friend borrow your car.  He or she caused an accident and damages your car.  It gets better…there is damage to the other person’s car, and they left the scene in an ambulance.  Who covers the losses?   The real-world answer is, it depends. READ MORE >>

  Whether you are a rider/passenger or a driver for any ridesharing program it’s good to know where you stand on the car insurance side of things.  Bad things can happen to good and well-intentioned people.  These programs are handy and popular but there can be a darker side to all the good. READ MORE >>

Whether you’re on a winter commute, taking a summer road trip, or a day trip with the kids and the dog, it’s never a good time to be stranded on the side of the road. That’s where an emergency car kit can help you save the day. You’ll fill it with essentials to help you weather a range of mishaps. READ MORE >>

  Your driving record impacts your insurance rates directly.  We get lots of questions about driving records like “When will my tickets fall off?” “How long does an accident stay on my record?” “My lawyer took care of it, why’s it still on my record? READ MORE >>

Most of us have driven when we were a bit tired at one point or another.  Opening a window for fresh air, turning the radio up, getting out and walking around are common ways people attempt to get the blood flowing and brain in gear again. READ MORE >>

What is Liability Insurance? Liability insurance is a type of car insurance that states require to protect other drivers should you cause damage to their person or property.  The other side of the liability coin is what do you have to lose?  Things to Consider When You’re Shopping for Car Insurance READ MORE >>

Why You Should Have an Emergency Preparedness Kit "Go Bag" in Your Home Have you ever considered a “Go Bag” to have ready in case of emergencies or a natural catastrophe?  It’s like an emergency preparedness kit you keep in your house to grab and go if needed for a man-made or natural disaster. READ MORE >>

Is Driving Still Safe for Your Senior Loved One? Your parent or another dear one is getting older but still independent. Yet, you’re concerned they’re not as skilled behind the wheel as they used to be. If you have concerns about an older adult's ability to drive, addressing them promptly could literally be a matter of life and death. READ MORE >>

  Importance of Dates and Times on an Insurance Policy We’re not talking about dinner and a movie but a tricky thing to note about the dates on a calendar and your car insurance. This could save you money, time and/or hassle, plus avoid potential future lapses. READ MORE >>

What is a Grace Period? We often hear the words "grace period" in car insurance.  A “grace period” is extra time that an insurance company may offer for you to make your car insurance payment past your normal due date. READ MORE >>

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